How to Fix them Frustrating 11 Most Annoying IOS 11 Issues

7. Wishlist in App Store

The Wishlist feature in iOS 11 is just gone. If you want to create a list of apps you’d want to buy in future, you’ll need to use a third party app like Lookmark. When you’re viewing an app, tap on Share and add the app to Lookmark.

8. 3D Touch App Switcher is Gone (For now)

The 3D Touch multitasking gesture in iOS 11 is gone for now (it looks like the feature will be back in an update). You can no longer force touch on the left edge to get to the App Switcher. The quick shortcut for switching between the last used app doesn’t work either. It’s clear that the feature was removed because of iPhone X.

There’s no real alternative or this. If you just don’t want to hit the Home button twice, should try customizing the AssistiveTouch feature from Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch. Add Multitasking as a top-level menu for quicker access to the App Switcher.

Apple has reintroduced the 3D Touch app switcher in iOS 11.1 beta 2. We expect Apple to release iOS 11.1 before iPhone X goes on sales on November 3.

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