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7. SafeRide/WalkSafe


SafeRide/WalkSafe is a travel safety app designed to give you peace of mind, especially when traveling alone. You can feel safe and secure by using SafeRide/WalkSafe when you take a taxi, use a ride-share service like Uber or Lyft, or walk alone at night.
SafeRide/WalkSafe is a non-subscription any-time use service for your smartphone that acts as an alert system. When in use, the app can contact individuals of your choice to let them know your location and if you do not arrive at your destination safely.

Additional Features

• Panic button in the app can be used in case of immediate danger or emergency.
• SafeRide/WalkSafe can also have a ‘Deterrent Effect’ upon any drivers contemplating dangerous or violent behavior; if they are aware they or their vehicle can be easily identified, they may think twice about not bringing you to your destination safely.


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